Oncology Plus is a national infusion and compounding pharmacy focused on the unique needs of ophthalmology providers and their patients.

Oncology Plus produces the highest quality compounds possible and is dedicated to the sterility of the final product. Oncology Plus' facilities meet and exceed all 797 requirements and has obtained the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB) Seal of Accreditation.

Because our specialty is oncology, our patients are by definition immunocompromised and we fully understand the importance of maintaining sterility of products invasively given to patients. Our employees and our facilities are regularly tested to ensure requirements for sterility are always exceeded.

Per 797 guidelines, and as outlined in our detailed standard operating procedure for ophthalmic injections, OPI only gives 14-day expiration dating for each order. Therefore, we only produce the syringes per order to enhance patient safety, product integrity and quality.

Effective 10.27.2015 Oncology Plus Incorporated policy prohibits dispensing of Rituximab, Pertuzumab, Bevacizumab, and Trastuzumab, unless the drug is prescribed for an indication approved by the FDA. There are no approved ophthalmic indications for Bevacizumab. Therefore, Oncology Plus will no longer fill prescriptions for such.

Your order is a unique and special production and our practice is built on a solid foundation of service, knowledge and integrity with dedicated pharmacists available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Oncology Plus can be found on the ASRS web-site as a ophthalmology pharmacy provider.

Download the Attachment to ASRS Compounding Pharmacy Questionnaire