Outsourced Chemotherapy Admixture

Oncology Plus’ IV compounding and chemotherapy drug management services provide community based oncologists, hospitals and other health care providers with a high-quality, cost effective alternative to in-house pharmacy operations. Oncology Plus’ state-of-the art facilities are staffed by highly trained pharmacists and technicians who are skilled in aseptic compounding. Outsourcing your facilities infusion admixture to Oncology Plus provides your practice with a number of advantages:

Cost effective

According to a recent study commissioned by the Community Oncology Alliance (COA) community oncology practices spend $40,607 per physician annually on drug preparation and pharmacy operations. Oncology Plus can help practices avoid these cost by providing mission critical functions such as:

  • Managing wholesaler and manufacturer relationships
  • Compounding patient specific chemotherapy
  • Managing just in time inventory
  • Minimizing and processing waste
  • Complying with USP <797> Standards