Oncology Solutions

Founded in 2001, Oncology Plus is an independently owned oncology specialty pharmacy providing comprehensive oncology management and ancillary services to community based oncology practices, hospital systems and payors seeking to reduce overhead costs, provide high quality oncology pharmacy care to their patient base and comply with all USP<797> requirements.

For Physicians:

Oncology Plus offers a turn-key oncology drug management platform that includes pre-mixed, patient specific IV chemotherapeutics, direct to payor billing solutions, oral oncolytics.

For Patients:

Dedicated oncology care staff can reduce out-of-pocket costs of oral oncolytics, get patients on therapy quickly, and provide 24/7 access to trained oncology care management nurses and pharmacists.

For Payors:

Driven by Logics+™,  the Company’s proprietary payor pathway management platform, Oncology Plus has developed value based oncology management solutions for payors seeking to contain the cancer cost trend through a comprehensive program of centralized pharmacy dispensing based on payor driven evidenced based pathways and patient support services.

Working closely with physicians, patients, manufacturers, and payers, Oncology Plus is dedicated to continually developing innovative new approaches to confronting cancer, increasing the effectiveness of care, and improving patient outcomes and experiences.